Consular Birth Abroad Certificate

Do you need to apostille your consular birth abroad certificate?

An apostille is a process of certification as described in the Hague Convention that certifies a document for universal international acceptance. There are two types of apostilles. Those that are certified by the local Department of State, and those that are certified by the US Department of State Federal Office of Authentications in Washington DC. Consular birth abroad certificate has a different process than other types of apostilles.

To be eligible for apostille it must be issued in the past five years. If yours isn’t, we can request a new one on your behalf along with your apostille.

You will be required to send us:

  1. Original copy of your consular birth abroad certificate
  2. Photocopy of your passport 
  3. Photocopy of your parents’ passports
  4. A notarized letter giving the apostille co approval to make the request on your behalf

Processing time takes upward of two months. The fee is $250 for the first document, $100 for each additional. We are happy to help you, please call or email us for questions.


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